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It's Raining Gold - 21/10/08
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New Product Lines to be Launched - 20/10/08
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ABC's 7.30 report on Imported Olive Oil - 08/10/08
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Viva is proud to be the first to bring high quality Australian olive oil and table olives to Australian supermarkets.

However, our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond a pioneering spirit.

You will see it in our decision to produce only extra virgin oils to assist in your good health.

You will see it in our innovative Early and Late Harvest varieties to enhance your cooking.

And you will see it in our commitment to creating employment opportunities for Australians by developing a local olive industry - providing all Australians with a world class Australian alternative.

We invite you to share in the goodness and flavour of Viva products, knowing they are made with care and commitment to your complete satisfaction. Look for Viva quality olive products in supermarkets everywhere.

Get the taste for life with Viva!

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