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Viva's olives are 100% Australian grown with quality that
rivals the world's best.


Unlike many of the dark olives from overseas which have been artificially blackened through harsh chemical treatments, Viva's olives are tree ripened and naturally fermented in brine only. This process produces tasty & crisp olives which are an ideal table or bar snack. Viva's table fruit is available to both the retail market through its range of entertainer packs as well as the wholesale market through its range of bulk sized products.

Entertainers (380g)

Kalamata Olives    
Ripe Kalamata  

To ensure the delivery of a fresh and delicious flavour, Viva uses only the highest quality Kalamata olive for its premium and spiced entertainer varieties. The entertaining range has been developed in order to present four distinctly different and unique dining and/or snack alternatives for the olive consumer. The range includes the original Ripe Kalamata, Kalamata with Chilli and Spice, Kalamata with Antipasto, Pitted Kalmata, Olive Mix and Kalamata with Lemon and Garlic.

Bulk Table Olives

Viva services the wholesale market with 100% Australian table fruit varieties that include; Ripe Kalamata (Whole and Pitted), Green Manzanillo (Whole and Pitted), Ripe Manzanillo (Whole and Pitted), Green Jumbo Kalamata and an Olive Mix.

Viva is able to offer the wholesale market each variety in a 5L, 10L, 20L pail or 200L barrel.

Viva Ripe Kalamata

Viva Ripe Kalamata OlivesViva Ripe Kalamata are naturally tree ripened giving them their attractive purple hue. By contrast many of the black olives from overseas have been artificially darkened through harsh chemical treatment. Viva Ripe Kalamata olives are carefully selected for table olive quality and naturally fermented in brine only.

Serving suggestions: ideal for table or bar snacks. Add to salads, antipasto or use in hot dishes and pasta.

Viva Green Manzanillo

Viva Green Manzanillo OlivesViva Green Manzanillo are produced by a unique process in which the natural olive bitterness is removed and the natural bright green colour is retained. This results in a crisp textured delicately flavoured olive. Viva Green Manzanillo is specially selected for table olive production and harvested by hand for premium quality assurance.

Serving suggestions: include in salads, tapas and antipasto or on their own as a snack.

Viva Ripe Manzanillo

Viva Ripe Manzanillo OlivesViva Ripe Manzanillo are naturally tree ripened in the warm Australian climate ideal for producing large quality table fruit. Our Ripe Manzanillo are harvested with state of the art harvesting equipment for optimum quality. They are processed in natural fermentation brine without the use of any chemicals. Viva Ripe Manzanillo received a gold medal for best of show at a recent national table olive competition. This award confirms Viva’s market leading quality and processing techniques for producing premium table olives.

Serving suggestions: add to any pasta dish, antipasto or on its own as a tasty snack.

Viva Green Jumbo Kalamata

Green Jumbo Kalamata OlivesViva Green Jumbo Kalamata is carefully selected for their unique size and appearance. This very large table olive is hand picked and naturally fermented in brine. The Viva Green Jumbo Kalamata is specially processed so they retain their bright green natural colour, excellent texture and wonderful crisp fruity flavour.

Serving suggestions: include in salads, tapas, pasta dishes or on their own.

Viva Australian Mixed Olives

Australian Mixed OlivesViva Mixed Olives are a special selection that combines Ligurian, Manzanillo, Ripe Kalamata and Jumbo Kalamata for the full multi flavoured olive experience. This combination has been chosen for the individual flavours and the exceptional visual table olive appearance. The olives are naturally fermented in brine with no chemicals used in the process.

Serving suggestions: snack on their own, in salads, antipasto or pasta dishes.

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